Pburnt Productions is a full service media group aimed at creating an experience that reflects your company as well as your brand, allowing your audience to experience the services you offer on a whole new level. That’s the basis of what we do, and it’s only the beginning.

Together we can project your brand forward in the right direction. Offering genuine services, a creative atmosphere and timely execution, we collaborate with you on every step of the process.

Our Background

Pburnt Productions began in 2006 as a group of filmmakers looking to expand their experience from filmmaking to other forms of creative outlets. With a wide range of talents, the team has successfully screened their work at several nationwide film festivals and competitions.

Examples of our film work include: Karma’s Choice (2008) and Damage Control (2009), which with the help of Ken Willinger Productions and Obscure Knowledge, placed in the top five films of the International 4K Red One Camera competition. The Waiting Room (2010), also co-produced with Obscure Knowledge, advanced to the second round of the Doorpost Film Project. Our latest film, A Dinner Engagement (2010), was featured on BET’s Beyond the Lens series.

Aside from film work, Pburnt is excited to open the doors and provide a variety of media services, including designing web based content, corporate projects, screenplays, and stand alone pre and post production services.

We create media for companies of all sizes, from Big Sisters to the Huntington Theatre Company to Fauxbo and soon, you.

We look forward to collaborating together.