Media development incorporates the identification, conceptualization, creation and execution of the concept surrounding your media needs. Pburnt Productions partners with you from the very beginning to create a visual impact to motivate your target audience and reinforce your strategic objectives. We perform each step in the highest quality and most efficient manner in order to ensure that the look and feel of your project fits your brand.


We listen to everything, down to the smallest detail, from your point of view in order to effectively discover your needs. With this information, we condense the direction of your project in a summarized project proposal. This is to confirm that the scope of the project is fully understood. This identification is key to tracking goals, researching the needs of your target audience the beginnings of conception and ultimately creating the perfect piece. With identification, we begin the process by tackling the first and most important step. By doing so, your idea is ready to be placed on paper in the form script and storyboards.


Once the idea is fully understood, we create a visual flow of the piece. Services include developing a script, creating a story board, and breaking down the proposed budget. As we build your desires in the art form of a script and draw through the visual aids of a story board, you are now able to see the first steps of creation come into play. The creative team collaborates with you directly to continue answering any technical and artistic inquiries to determine every piece required for smooth execution.


Scheduling needs, casting, location discovery, set design and onsite project management are completed by us so you don’t have to. Once everything is organized and finalized, we proceed with the physical production. With the cameras rolling, your vision is captured exactly as you envisioned. Once completed, the visuals are brought to life. In addition to the captured elements, we add a personalized score, voice over and animated graphics to round out the project.


Your piece is ready to be shown and shared. We’ll assist you in getting the piece out through the proper channels. We deliver your project in any and all formats you may need. With the ability to deliver a completed HD work in any medium, your project is compatible with television, web, DVD and Blu-Ray viewing. Physical or online versions, we deliver.