"35 Below" at the Huntington Theatre Company

Cast of "Sons of the Prophet"

Cast of the Huntington Theatre's
production of "Sons of the Prophet"

Pburnt recently had the pleasure of teaming up with the Huntington Theatre Company to create a promotional piece for their 35 Below program. The program entices theater-goers aged 35 and under with a specially priced showing of the current production as well as an after show party. During the party for Stephen Karam’s Sons of the Prophet, we interviewed patrons, members of the cast, and artistic director Peter DuBois. The party, organized by Shaine Belli, featured a humorous April Fools Day theme and a swinging performance from the Melvern Taylor band. We had an absolute blast and hope this came across in the final piece.

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Ercolini & Company use media to brand and educate new audiences

Pburnt recently worked with Ercolini & company, the Boston CPA firm on a series of media aimed at commnuicating the brand essence and services provided by the firm. The three media pieces were developed to enhance their planned new web presence. Several new clients have commented on finding the videos through YouTube as an introduction to the company.

The male models of FauxBo

Fauxbo, an online magazine dedicated to the amazing lives of today's woman, invited Pburnt to handle one of their recent photo shoots. We were working with three of their most popular male models: Iceman, Zen, and Renaissance. Over the course of a wild afternoon, we captured the fiery nature of the models in various situations against the backdrop of an empty house.

The relentless Fauxbo crew made sure there was never a dull moment on set. In addition to the still photos, we had a video camera rolling to collect the hilarious behind the scenes antics. We had an awesome time working with them and look forward to diving into another project together.




"Pull Up Your Pants" and The Thorpe Foundation

Pburnt Productions is excited to assist the Thorpe Foundation, with their efforts of bringing the message of empowerment and education to youth across the country through their first non profit peace titled, “Changing The Tide”. The Thorpe Foundation, began the “Pull Up Your Pants” campaign in 2011, utilizing a combination of mentorship, public appearances and the relationship to hip hop to reach adolescents struggling with which direction to take their lives.

Through theories of empowerment , education and most importantly the knowledge of self , the Thorpe Foundation is looking to enable the youth of today to find their voice to create positive growth. Through a series of recognizing historical and present day leaders, examples of community tragedies and dissecting Black on Black crime, The Thorpe Foundation leaves us wondering how we will make a change.

This project is filled with the theme of humanity and the prevention of leaving any child with the lack of resources to define their personal success.

For more information about the "Pull Up Your Pants" foundation and the Thorpe Campaign, you can visit http://www.buildwealthwithknowledge.com/home/thorpe-foundation.